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Unicorn Piggy Bank – Coin Money Bank for Girls with Rubber Stopper and Rhinestone Crown

LARGE UNICORN BANK – This magical beauty has a shiny metallic gold horn, a flowing pink and gold mane, sweet sleepy eyes and a silver princess crown with rhinestones
CUTE PIGGY BANK FOR GIRLS – The perfect size (3 x 4 x 7 inches) for keeping kids’ savings safe, this cool girls’ piggy bank holds both coins and folded bills. It has a roomy capacity so it won't fill up too quickly.
CERAMIC WITH RUBBER STOPPER – She can easily take money out by removing the stopper at the bottom of the bank. It is made of durable, sturdy ceramic with a glossy finish. It is breakable, and is not a toy.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Doubling as room décor, this ceramic bank is as functional as it is cute! She can put it on her nightstand or desk as a daily reminder to save her tooth fairy money and allowance. Give it to girls who love unicorns at birthday parties and on holidays!
PERFECT AS A FIRST BANK – In neutral colors that fit any room and nursery décor, this adorable piggy bank is beautiful as a baby or little girl’s first coin bank. Personalize it on the side with a paint pen to make it even more special!
AUTHENTIC PRODUCT OF HIGH QUALITY- Product is firmly packed inside a carton, inside a custom molded Styrofoam shell to ensure it arrives in perfect condition!
LIFETIME REPLACEMENT OF RUBBER STOPPERS - Please contact our customer service to replace lost rubber stopper